As a sales partner of Vollmer GmbH offers for more than 20 years, qualified cones and bowling. We can plan your property including interior decoration as kitchen and seating, and also we provide, in cooperation with our vending machine Practitioners (billiards, slot machines) a variety of design options for your new object. You get everything from a hand so you are always up to date on the status of things.

As the only provider in the market, we have a software (for bowling and bowling) at the start so that we can you leisure games (horse racing, pyramid, the coffin cones, etc.) and to offer sports programs. The special feature of our software is the choice of graphic levels (children, normal, adult). Because the trend in part to the cosy sitting together, there are some opportunities for smaller operators for recreational facilities.


Bowling and bowling alleys are in Germany is a widespread recreational sport, and you continue to play, fun and success with your plant, no matter where in the world, we stand with our knowledge of IT and willing to help you as much as we can ... Try us out!


 We are a global company in the field bowling and bowling alleys. Since the latest, we offer more products, such as Mini bowling, leisure fun for the adults and the kids and our own development SnooBowl the grandiose combination of bowling and billiards.

       We are your contacts for questions about your bowling or Skittles whether:

  •           Parts of all manufacturers whether rope or pins Etter ropeless plants
  •           Accessories
  •           Repair / Maintenance
  •           Modernization
  •           Planning of the empty hall to the finished project ...



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